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Free Roaming Bonus Encounters

publication date: Dec 3, 2012
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The bonus encounters fall into two categories.

1. The first category is local color. In the Dragon’s Delve campaign, that mostly meant the town of Brindenford (see Battle for Brindenford .pdf on, but overall this could be details about any city, town, or site that is important in the campaign world, but not necessarily in the adventure itself.

2. The second category is the “free-roaming encounters.” Free-roamers aren’t tied to any specific location, and can be used as wandering encounters, as interesting things that happen out in the wilderness, in the ruins of Chordille Keep, or elsewhere. There’s no limit to the number of these encounters. In this document, you will find all the free-roaming encounters. The Brindenford encounters are all included in The Battle for Brindenford.

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