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One Night Stand: The Kobold Death Maze

publication date: Sep 1, 2011
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Too long, my brethren! Too long has fear of the soft-skinned races ruled our lives. No matter how deep underground we keep our warrens, no matter how far from their wretched cities we build our villages, no matter where we go, they always follow with their blades of steel and burning hatred.

No more! Not another drop of kobold blood will they spill. As of tonight … it is their turn to bleed!

Like all One Night Stand adventures, The Kobold Death Maze contains everything you’ll need for an evening of fun using the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Inside you will find:

  • The Encounter: The following pages detail the background and action that will constitute the encounter itself.
  • GM Map: On page 3 the adventure is a single-sheet version of the map with notations for the GM’s use. Marked on the map are room numbers, the monster and NPC starting positions for each encounter, and areas of difficult or noticeably different terrain.
  • Map Tiles: Starting on page 19 are 16 map tiles that, when cut out and assembled, create a battlemat with a one-inch square grid.
  • Standees: After the map tiles are a collection of cut-and-tape standees representing all the creatures and monsters in this adventure. Together with these are larger presentations of the encounter areas as well as reviews of the action that takes place in each.

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