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What's New?

This is just a brief notice of new changes and additions to the site, which generall includes new blog entries, podcasts, new maps, and so on.

Now Accepting New Members!

16 January, 2013

After working on a variety of projects behind the scenes, we're now accepting new members! Currently we're offering two subsciption levels, both of which last for 12 months:

All Genius Pass ($120): The AGP gets you complete access to all of plus a free copy of every PDF Super Genius Games produces during your membership. We're well into our 3rd year of producing at least one PDF a week, and with no plans of slowing down, that's access to a lot of great gaming content!

Basic Membership ($60): A basic membership gets you complete access to the site and the ability to purchase PDFs of the different levels of Dragon's Delve or the complete mini-dungeon at very reasonable prices.

To select a membership level, just head over to the Subscription page and follow the prompts.

And let us be the first ones to say, "Welcome to the Dungeon!"

Thanks Everyone!

5 October, 2012

We've recently completed a successful Kickstarter campaign allowing us to keep the lights on. We're working on getting things set up for new members to join, so come back soon to see the details, or follow us on Facebook either through the page, or the Super Genius Games page. 

Hurricane Irene Relief Bundle

3 October, 2011

Gamers and game companies have a long history of helping out those in need when disaster strikes. In the wake of Hurricane Irene, RPGNow and a bunch of great game companies are raising funds through the Hurricane Irene Relief Bundle. If you're an All-Genius Pass subscriber, you probably already have SGG's Genius Guide to the Dragonrider, but the bundle includes another $200+ of great game products for only $25--and the proceeds go to Hurrican Irene relief efforts. Check it out, and join Super Genius Games in helping out those impacted by this disaster.

Week Two of Monte Cook's Tomb World

3 October, 2011

Today we head into the second week of The Tomb-World of Alak-Ammur, a short adventure by Dungeon A Day founder Monte Cook! And today's encounter, The Temple of Sorcery, bears the hallmark signature of this great dungeon designer. Check it out, and be sure to share your thoughts and comments with the Dungeon A Day community on our message boards!

The Next Adventure Starts Today--and It's By Our Good Friend Monte Cook!

26 September, 2011

The Necropolis of Pergia adventure came to an end on Friday, and we hope you all enjoyed it. We think you'll really enjoy the next one: Starting today, subscribers get more than two weeks of encounters that create a short adventure entitled The Tomb-World of Alak-Ammur. It's a 12th-level adventure that can be plaed in any setting. Well, really, it isn't IN any setting; it sits kind of alongside the game world like a . . . well, I've said too much already. Check it out yourself!

New One Night Stands Are Now Available

26 September, 2011


Sorry we didn't give a heads-up earlier, but the third and fourth of our series of "thank you" bonuses are now available: "The Forgotten Tomb of Felgar the Goblin King" and "Warren of the Death Spider." You can download these titles at the store now.

If you've been away for a while, these short adventures--we posted one a week for a month--are bonus content for our subscribers, as a Thanks for your patience during the period in August when Dungeon A Day was down for several days. All One Night Stand adventures contain everything a busy GM needs for an evening of fun with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.


Kobold Death Maze

5 September, 2011

In case you missed it, the second in our series of "thank you" bonuses is now available. You can download the latest One Night Stand adventure, "The Kobold Death Maze," at the store now.

If you've been away for a while, these short adventures--one a week, for a month--are bonus content for our subscribers, as a Thanks for your patience during the period a couple of weeks ago when Dungeon A Day was down for several days. All One Night Stand adventures contain everything a busy GM needs for an evening of fun with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

Look for the third of these freebies in the middle of this week!

A Thank You for Your Patience!

23 August, 2011

To thank everyone for sticking with us through the "Great Subhub Devastation," we're going to be giving everyone a free One Night Stand adventure each week for a month. These adventures are for busy GMs who have a game to run this weekend but are too busy to get something together in time. All One Night Stand adventures contain everything a GM needs for an evening of fun with the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Check out the first one, "Ice Cave of the Frost Giant Slavers," right now! And thanks for your patience through these recent difficulties!

Having Trouble Using The Site?

22 August, 2011

If you've been having some trouble with Dungeon A Day, you're not alone! In case you haven't caught the story yet, here's the scoop:

A week ago the company that hosts Dungeon A Day (and has, more-or-less flawlessly, since day one) suffered a catastrophic server failure, bringing down Dungeon A Day and all their other clients' sites. They quickly scrambled to move to new servers, but in so doing all the domain information somehow got discumbobulated, and there was no obvious way for users to find DaD. If you followed your bookmark late last week, you probably ended up at the site of some random other client of our hosting company.

Our response was to hastily build an exterior site, point your existing bookmark at it, and then give it a big, bright button that linked to a URL that would get you to into DaD proper. (If you're here, I'm guessing you've seen it.) Unfortunately, that's not the whole solution. Many of our internal links are irrevocably broken, and there is no easy or quick way to fix them. We'll have to recode them all by hand. Thousands of them.

The good news is that we didn't miss a beat on content--everything went live on the site when it was supposed to, even if you couldn't get to it, so it's there for you now. And even though this situation was not of our making, we're looking at getting you some additional free content as a way of saying Thanks for your patience.

We hope to have everything back to normal very quickly. And we'll keep you informed as things progress!

The Start of a New Dungeon!

25 July, 2011

Friday marked the end of Metterak, and with it the conclusion of the massive Dragon's Delve megadungeon. Which means today we do something that's only been done once before on Dungeon-a-Day: We launch a new dungeon!

This new dungeon, the Necropolis of Pergia, is a medium-sized dungeon (around 40 encounters) for characters starting at level 4 or 5. Expect a couple of these smaller-scale dungeons befoer Dungeon-a-Day returns to the megadungeon for the next grand, years-spanning adventure.

We here at Dungeon-a-Day (and by "we," I especially mean "me," as yours truly is the author of this particular dungeon) are really excited about the launch of the Necropolis, and hope you enjoy it as much as you've enjoyed the Dragon's Delve!

A Little Administrative Downtime

22 July, 2011

Dungeon-a-Day will be down for an hour or so Monday, between the hours of 3:00 AM and 4:00AM EDT (midnight and 1:00 AM on the West coast). This is for a server upgrade, and other than this hour of disruption we don't foresee any effect on your experience with the site. The timing, chosen by our service provider, is entirely coincidental and has nothing--repeat nothing--to do with the machinations of the Dragon Prince.

A Week over Two Years in the Making


July 18, 2011



Today Dungeon-a-Day launches into Level 20 of the Dragon's Delve and the final confrontation with Metterak, Prince of Dragons. It's taken 530 encounters to get to this point, so this is a real climax to a meaty campaign! We hope our subscribers are as excited about the five encounters this week that conclude the megadungeon as we are. Enjoy!


it the ENnies in Style with Stan!

July 11, 2011


Did you miss your chance to step out to the ENnies arm-in-arm with Owen K.C. Stephens? Well, don't despair: Currently up for bid is an ENnies dream date with our own gaming legend Stan! Brown. Pick Stan!'s brain about the TSR days, the development of 3rd Edition, or his early work on Dragonlance. Or just hang out with one of the genuinely nicest, most entertaining guys in gaming. (Oh, and there's some free product in the deal for you as well!)

The bad news: You better hurry--as of this writing, there's less than a day to go in the auction! The good news: He's still a steal. Bid now, and you might end up with an incredible deal!

You can find the auction on eBay here!


Owen K.C. Stephens Now for Sale!


June 27, 2011


(Or perhaps just for rent. . . .)

The auction is live for the ENnie Dream Date with SGG's own game designer and developer Owen K.C. Stephens.

Win the auction and spend and evening with Owen, hanging out and picking his voluminous brain. Want to know what Owen thinks about 4th edition? Curious how we ended up with Jenny Poussin as a cover model? Want to hear the story of the one crucial, amazingly obvious question Wizards of the Coast never asked him before hiring him to write for the Star Wars RPG? This is your chance to get Owen's totally uncensored, open opinion on anything you'd like to discuss!

In addition to the pleasure of Owen's company the winner of this auction will receive a year-long All-Genius-Pass. And as a final incentive, the winner gets autographed copies of the hard-to-find Starships of the Galaxy books, both the original version for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game, and the more recent full-color copy for the Star Wars Saga Edition. Those out-of-print books run from $50 to $350 each, and these will be signed however you like by one of the authors.

So bid today, and win a once-in-a-lifetime evening, with some rare and valuable prizes!

DaD on FB Soars over 1,000 Likes


June 20, 2011


Last week we saw DaD's Facebook page approach 1,000 likes--so we put out the call to push us over the edge. Our fans came through, recommending the page to their friends and putting the word out via Twitter, and by the end of the week we were well past the 1,000 mark. If you already like the DaD FB page, thanks! And if not, what are you waiting for? You can find it here.

We have many great subscribers, and many great fans on our FB page. Some are the same fine folk--but some probably aren't! If you've enjoyed your DaD subscription, why not drop by the page and let the other fans there know why. The nature of DaD's subscription system means many gamers don't really have the chance to see what goes on in the subscriber zone; a few words from you could help introduce the site to those who are interested but haven't taken the plunge!

Get Your Level 13 PDF Now!


June 6, 2011


The PDF of Level 13 is now available; check it out in the Dungeon a Day store. Remember, yearly subscribers (including All-Genius Pass holders and Charter members) can download these for free; monthly and quarterly subscribers pay a minimal fee of $5 per level (a bargain, given their size and awesomeness!). Check it out, and stay tuned for more levels in the weeks to come!

Level 12 PDF Is Available!


May 16, 2011


We're catching up: The PDF version of Level 12 is now available. You can find it in the Dungeon a Day store. As always, yearly subscribers (including All-Genius Pass holders and Charter members) can download these for free; monthly and quarterly subscribers pay a minimal fee of $5 per level (a bargain, given their size and awesomeness!). Check it out, and stay tune: We're gonna keep them coming!

A New Facebook Page for DaD

May 2, 2011


We've all heard the big news this morning (or last night, if you were up for it)--but here's another bit of news for you. Dungeon A Day has a new Facebook page. OK, not a new one--we've had our FB page for some time. But there's a bunch of new content there.

OK, not new. If you're a subscriber, it's all stuff you're pretty familiar with. But for folks new to DaD, we're providing a better picture of what it's all about and why one outta subscribe. And hopefully it's interesting and entertaining for anyone.

Please drop by, have a look, and let us know what you think! If you already "Like" DaD on FB, simply click the little Welcome link to the left of the DaD wall. If you don't already "Like" us, you should land on the Welcome page automatically. (And why not throw us a "Like" while you're there?)

If you have any thoughts about the content or other bits we might add, post a comment there and let us know!

Gen Con Registration is Now Live!

May 1, 2011


And the final battle against Metterak is not (as of this writing) sold out! So (if you're headed for Gen Con) you can join in on the fun by signing up at the Gen Con registration site. This is a battle over two years in the making, and the timing couldn't be better--the Dragon's Delve will have reached its climax here on Dungeon A Day just a few weeks before Gen Con.

Dragon's Delve, the setting created by Monte Cook, is about to reach its conclusion. Battle Metterak the Dragon Prince for ultimate control of Dragon's Delve in a fight two-years in the making. Players fight the dragon 4 at a time, with new players cycling in as old characters are killed until Metterak is dead (or we run out of pre-generated characters). Come be part of RPG history in the making!

We're really looking forward to this one, and hope to see you there!

And Now: Level 11

May 1, 2011


The march toward total PDFization of the Dragon's Delve continues apace! Just one week after Level 10, we've added Level 11 to the lineup; check it out in the Dungeon a Day store. Remember, yearly subscribers (including All-Genius Pass holders and Charter members) can download these for free; monthly and quarterly subscribers pay a minimal fee of $5 per level (a bargain, given their size and awesomeness!). Check it out, and stay tune: We're gonna keep them coming!


Get Your Level 10 PDF Now!

April 25, 2011


The PDF of Level 10 is now available; check it out in the Dungeon a Day store. Remember, yearly subscribers (including All-Genius Pass holders and Charter members) can download these for free; monthly and quarterly subscribers pay a minimal fee of $5 per level (a bargain, given their size and awesomeness!). Check it out, and stay tuned for more levels in the weeks to come!


DaD Staff and Designers Interviewed on Atomic Array

April 18, 2011

Owen K.C. Stephens and Stan! of Super Genius Games, along with Charles Ryan, designer of the currently running Level 17 of Dungeon a Day, were interviewed by the seriously awesome Atomic Array podcast last week. You can find the episode, which went live over the weekend, here. In the interview Stan! and Owen talk about what makes Dungeon a Day unique, along with the challenges of running the groundbreaking site, while Charles spills the beans a bit about what's going on in Level 17 and what makes a project like Dungeon a Day fascinating for a game designer.

Level 9 PDF Is Now Live

April 8, 2011

The long march to get the Dragon's Delve into PDF format continues! The PDF of Level 9 is now available; check it out in the Dungeon a Day store. Remember, yearly subscribers (including Charter members) can download these for free; monthly and quarterly subscribers pay a minimal fee of $5 per level (a bargain, given their size and awesomeness!).

New All-Genius Pass Now Available!

March 21, 2011

For many months now, fans of Super Genius Games' Pathfinder-compatible PDFs have asked if we could save them some time and effort by allowing subscriptions to our PDF lines. We've looked at all our resources and talked to a number of people, and concluded companies our size just don't do subscriptions.

But, we're doing on anyway!

With the help of, Super Genius Games is now proud to announce a subscription plan that allows fans to get all our Pathfinder-compatible products in one easy step. The All-Genius Pass is a subscription plan through that allows subscribers to receive every Pathfinder-compatible PDF we create, plus full access to the Dungeon a Day content.

In addition to Dungeon a Day, every Pathfinder-compatible PDF product Super Genius produces is available free to All-Genius Pass subscribers. Plus if you ever lose your data, you can get replacement PDFs for every product that came out during your subscription period. So there's no way to lose, and an amazing amount of game material available!

An annual All-Genius Pass runs just $99, less than $2/week, and a quarterly All-Genius Pass is just $29.00 for 3 months. To subscribe, simply go to, and join now!

Level 8 PDF Now Online

March 14, 2011

And yet another PDF comes your way! The complete Level 8 has now been made available.

March 8, 2011

The march toward total Pathfinder compatibility continues. We've recently updated Terreguant's Tower (outside, and the secret cellar), along with areas 93, 94, 100, and 109 with Pathfinder info. If you're running Dungeon a Day in Pathfinder, be sure to check it out! 

March 7, 2011

Today marks our first move into Level 16: The Secret City. Unfortunately, due to some technical complications on the part of the level's designer, Stan!, the level overview and first encounter will not go up until sometime Monday evening. 

After that, everything should go smoothly. Really.

February 28, 2011

Level 6 Compiled PDF now available!

Last week we posted the PDF of the complete Level 7. You may recall that we'd skipped Level 6—well, not really skipped it, just moved ahead with Level 7 before posting Level 6. Well, as promised, Level 6 is now ready and posted for your dungeoneering convenience.

We just squeaked this one in under the wire, but our plan remains the same: Two levels a month. They'll generally be in order, but as in this case, if one level is finished ahead of others, we won't keep you waiting for it. Look for the next PDF in about two weeks!

February 22, 2010

If you're a subscriber and you read the blog, you've already heard this bit of news: We have a guest designer in this week. That guest designer is none other than Charles Ryan, the very guy who also keeps up this news page (in other words, me!). I was tasked with creating a new entry point into the Dragon's Delve, connecting the surface with Level 16, and my first encounter was posted yesterday. Hope you're enjoying it; if so, drop us a comment on our forums here or over at Facebook.

February 21, 2011

Level 7 Compiled PDF now available!

While working to make the PDFs of the levels more regular, we saw Level 7 was much, much larger than the typical level. In order to prevent a huge gap between Level 6 and Level 7, since Level 6 was to be the beginning of the "more regular PDFs" era of, we had production on both PDFs begin at the same time. Due to an unexpected timing issue, Level 7 has been completed earlier than we expected. While we still plan to have Level 6 up before the end of February (in less than a week), we saw no reason to make you wait for Level 7

We didn't forget or skip Level 6. It's on its way. And we expect to be putting out two PDFs every month until we're caught up. If we can, we'll go faster. If things become available out of order, we'll get them to you as they are available. From here on out, we have a system in place to get you these PDFs regularly and quickly.

February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's day, one and all. We have several bits of news to bring you today!

First, you can now follow on Twitter. Our handle is, not surprisingly, DungeonaDay. Connect with us there for breaking news and interesting gaming tidbits.

Second, regarding our PDF compilations of the DaD levels. A funny thing happened on the way to Level 6. It's like this: We noticed that Level 7 was a really big level—really big. So in an effort to avoid a huge gap between the release of Level 6 and Level 7 (in keeping with our effort to be more regular with the PDF releases), we prudently began work on Level 6 and Level 7 at the same time. Clever, eh? Except for one thing: Due to an unexpected timing issue, we got done with Level 7 much faster than expected—in fact, before we finished Level 6. So, though we still expect Level 6 to be done before the end of the month, we saw no reason to hold back on Level 7. It's here this week!

Don't worry; we didn't forget about Level 6. It's on its way.

Third, if you're a subscriber and you're following the blog, you'll already know that Stan! has been away for a while due to a family emergency. Unfortunately, though he's been trying to stay on top of things, he isn't going to be able to deliver the usual full encounters every day this week. Instead, after today's encounter we're providing four high-level NPCs for use in any encounter you'd like. We'll be heading into Level 16 next week, instead of tomorrow as planned.

And finally, we're welcoming a new voice to the team: Charles Ryan (that's me). I'll be handling communications with the community, so you'll be hearing more from me here, elsewhere on the web site, in the forums, and on Facebook. I'm just getting settled in, so please be patient as I get the ball rolling.

(Some of you may have heard of me: I go way back with Monte, Stan!, Owen, and Hyrum, and have been in the gaming business for a while. Full details, if you care, at my web site.)








January 3, 2011

Happy New Year and welcome to 2011! There are lots of interesting things going on here at the site, and we thought we'd bring your attention to a few of them. First of all, beginning today we start exploring Level 15: The Fourfold Keep. After hearing rumors and legends about the Mages Four since the very first level, now we'll be exploring their former sanctum and residence. There are a lot of surprises in store, and a lot more information about the history of the mages ... and their ultimate fates. Also, on the blog we talk a bit about what 2011 holds in store for 


December 13, 2010

We're well in the heart of the Gauntlet Arcane now, and the tests keep on coming. This week we'll see a bunch of elemental challenges and, in the blogs, Monte talks about the classic nature of this type of dungeon while Stan! gives some thought to the next level of "bluesteel technology."


December 1, 2010


In the "for every end there is a beginning" department, we come to the end of Level 13 this week but we also welcome Anthony Kenniston as the new intern! There's also a blog about the organizational challenge of running (and writing) a dungeon level when you don't know in what order the PCs will visit the rooms.


November 22, 2010

We haven't been posting here as regularly as we ought to ... which is a shame because there really HAS been a bunch of new stuff appearing regularly on the site. New monsters like the earthwight. New magical items like the stone devotee amulet and the staff of earthquakes. And a regular blog posts from both Stan! and Monte ... in particular you might want to check out Monte's thoughts on Conflict In The Dungeon and today's post from Stan! on Where Do Little Medusas Come From?


September 18, 2010 and Super Genius Games are going to be well represented at the upcoming NeonCon 2010. Both Stan! and Owen K.C. Stephens are going to be guests at the show, making presentations, leading seminars and workshops, and maybe even running a game session or two. We're also in the last stages of hammering out a "dungeon delve" event that would run through the course of the entire convention.


NeonCon runs from Nov. 4–7 at the Tropicana hotel and casino in Las Vegas, and we've secured a couple of special deals for subscribers. First, if you use the promo code SUPERGENIUS10, you get $20 off the cost of your registration/con badge (normally $60 for the weekend). 

Second, if you're staying at the Tropicana, you can get a free upgrade from a Garden room to an Island Tower room if you use the promo code SNEON10. On the weekend, that represents a savings of $100/night. You can book your room here or call 1-800-634-4000.

We're very much looking forward to the show, and hope some of the subscribers will be able to make it. Put a post in the Anything Else forum if you're planning to make it to the show. Maybe we can set up a subscribers-only meet-up while we're in Sin City.

September 14, 2010

Lots of interesting tidbits as we explore the Garden of Shadows. A new poison (sodbuster fungus), new monster (guardian pod), new type of traps (plant traps), plus Phaedor Rhendelmar's secret map of the garden. 

August 13, 2010

As we get closer to the date when Super Genius will be officially helping Monte with, we thought we'd offer all members the chance to check out some of the work we've done. This week's freebie is the Genius Guide to Feats of Subterfuge, which you can check out here: 


The Genius Guide to Feats of Subterfuge

June 20, 2010
Check out these new blog posts: In Defense of Magic Items, Infinite Giants, Etc., Harpies and Fear, and Filling in the Background. Also, there's a bonus encounter, Lawford's Dairy (and the Worm). Lastly, don't forget there's a new hook on the Adventure Hooks page.

June 4, 2010

Four new blog posts: The Duchess' Ritual, A Palate Cleanser, The Magical Prison of Level 9, and Punishing the Curious, Also, don't forget about the bonus encounter detailing the horrific Spiders of Maliz.  

May 21, 2010

I'm going to be gone for about 10 days, so you won't be able to contact me. In the meanwhile, make sure you don't miss these two articles: Handing Out Experience and Hero Points, as well as this bonus encounter: The Old Statue.  

May 14, 2010

Two new blogs are available, both on running scary games. One discusses spooky D&D games and the other with non-D&D games (like a favorite of mine, Call of Cthulhu). We also have a bonus encounter with a nasty dragon dungeon explorer. Lastly, don't forget that the pdf collection of Level 5 encounters is now available in the store.

May 5, 2010

New blogs to read: Player Character Courage, More on Searching, Introducing Chordille Keep, and Design Expectations. (As a side note, the last one came from a question in the forums. If you have issues you'd like discussed in a blog, post them!) There will be a bonus encounter this week as well, but I'll be out of town so I'll tell you about it when I get back!

April 25, 2010

Lots of new stuff! Check out Related Themes of Levels 7 and 8, Revisits, Running Two Groups at Once Part 1 and Part 2. There was a bonus encounter detailing the dangerous spell hunters (including a nifty new monster). Plus, there's another bonus encounter detailing the Temple of the River Gods. Last but not least (because of subscriber request), I've also created a page that gathers all the gods of the site together.

April 9, 2010

Four new blog posts since last I posted. Using the Vraedix, an examination of Search Checks (which spurred a lot of good discussion on the forums), more fun Reaper Recommendations, and some discussion on all those ghosts on Level 8. There's also a brand new bonus encounter with a demon that will give your PCs some headaches.

March 26, 2010

A big week! Blog entries for using Level 7 in the Ptolus campaign setting and using Czarzem as a recurring villain. The Vraedix! Serrestique herself (at long last)! Plus, an encounter with Czarzem, new monsters, weird treasure troves... Really, what more can you ask for?

March 19, 2010

Another great week! Two blog entries of course, one with more Reaper figure recommendations and the other detailing what the PCs might find if they are so foolish as to go through the gate to Rivenyk's Realm. And, there's a new addition to Brindenford, the very rough bar known as the Water Stone. Plus, a new adventure hook called the Lord of the Ring. Lastly, the collected pdf of Level 4 encounters is in the store. As always, it's free to yearly and charter members.

March 12, 2010

Two new blog entries this week, one on rewarding characters for doing what's right, and another on running demons. Also, a kind of special bonus encounter describing some NPCs that might be found in the dungeon as prisoners, or spoken to with speak with dead spells, or so on. Lastly, on Monday, look for the pdf of Level 4.
Oh, and one more thing, check out this great review of on Gnome Stew.

March 5, 2010

This week, in addition to more demonic horribleness on Level 7, we had two new blogs. The first, in light of all the bonus encounters in recent weeks dealing with the Bestial Host, discusses what Brindenford does in reaction to all these humanoids showing up. The second is another set of miniatures recommendations. But the even bigger news are the special promotions I've developed to help celebrate that is now a year old! Yearly memberships are discounted to $84, and members can earn additional time added onto their subscriptions by getting friends to sign up. Look here for more information. Happy birthday, Dungeonaday! 

February 26, 2010

It's Friday again already. Where does the time go? This was a cool week here, I think. We had two new blog posts, Part 2 of my discussion of random encounters and Part 2 of Jason Bulmahn's look at running Level 5 with Pathfinder. Also, a bonus encounter a year in the making, where we finally get to meet the chief of the Bestial Host, Scrall. Last, but not least, there's also a new side view map that shows levels 8-13. I think it helps illustrate that there's some really cool stuff coming up in

February 19, 2010

Busy week! First of all, there's a couple of blog posts you should check out. One is the first part of my two-part defense of random encounters, and the other is the first part of Jason Bulmahn's two-part discussion of using Level 5 with Pathfinder. Second, there's a bonus encounter The Bestial Host Patrol. (Scrall is coming!) Last but not least, there's even a new Listen Check podcast available. Woot!

February 12, 2010

Two weeks of new content means lots of news! First of all, make sure you didn't miss any of the new blogs: Level 7 Overview, The Holy Sword, Part 2, In and Out, and A Few Level 7 DMing Tips. Second, there's the bonus encounter Bestial Host Invasion!. Last, but certainly not least, you can now download a collected pdf of all of the Terregaunt's Tower encounters (as well as Levels, 1, 2, and 3). Go to the Store to find the download. All members with a yearly subscription can download these pdfs for free.

January 31, 2010

Just a quick update regarding new content. Aside from this week's rooms we have two new blog entries for you, the Importance of Failure and Invasion of the Host and a bonus encounter, the Bestial Host Incursion. The bonus encounter is the first of a series that details the fact that the Bestial Host moves into the area in a big way.

January 22, 2010

Level 7 continues to get scarier. Two new blog posts this week, one on the architectural mishmash of the dungeon, and another dealing with the gruesome nature of Level 7. Also, there's a bonus encounter with a dangerous new foe in town, Sirus Craddock. There's even a new adventure hook dealing with dreams from Glarias, the Moon Goddess. It's been a full week!

January 15, 2010

More Level 7 badness this week. Also look for the Soulbat bonus encounter and two new blog entries, Introducing Level 7 and Handling the Demon Face. The latter is about dealing with one of my favorite recent encounters, where the PCs can speak with a demon-possessed wall.

January 8, 2009

Happy New Year! I haven't been updating this page over the holidays, because things have been really busy. Not only did I have all the normal family obligations and whatnot, but I've been writing a Pathfinder adventure in addition to the content. Whew!

There's been a lot of good stuff here over the last couple of weeks. You'll want to check out all of the blogs, not to mention the bonus encounter Kirill the Cursed. Plus, did you check out the Sound Effects for Your Campaign bonus feature?

The biggest news, of course, is that we wrapped up Level 6, which means we are now exploring Level 7, the Sprawl of the Demon Liege!

December 18, 2009

Wow. Another week gone already. Lots of fun content this week including another essay by Jason Bulmahn, this time on converting Level 4 for Pathfinder and a quick look at the Venom Cultists and poison. There's also more Venom Cultiness in the bonus encounter posted this week, Attacked in Town. Even though the holidays are upon us, content will continue as normal, even on Christmas and New Years Day. However, my own online presence will likely be diminished. If you have customer service needs, don't hesitate to use the Contact Us info on the left, but beyond that, I may not be around as much on the forums, and I may be late in updating this page. Happy holidays to everyone! I'll be gaming a lot over the holidays--I hope you will be too!

December 11, 2009

It's Friday again, and that when (more or less) I like to give you an update of what's new for the week. This week we had more of Level 6 and Venom Cult goodness (or rather, badness). In addition, of course, we had a couple of blog entries. The first offered a variant rule for handling poisons. As someone pointed out on the forums, if you use that rule you may find that you have to increase the save DCs of poisons to keep them a serious threat. Not a bad suggestion--you'll just have to see how it works for your group. (It's another good example of why it's helpful to keep checking the forums.) The second blog entry this week covered how to best deal with the two assassins on Level 6. They've both some interesting hit-and-run capabilities, providing you with not just one but potentially many encounters as the PCs explore Level 6.

December 4, 2009

Well, I don't know where you are, but it's snowing here right at this moment and it's starting to really feel like Christmas. I'm sure you've seen the bit on the front page about Christmas gift memberships, but if you haven't, click here. This week we had a blog entry on the strategy behind the encounter design of much of Level 6, and then some recommendations of miniatures you might want to check out if you're using Khorant. Perhaps best of all, you can finally get an idea of what's going on with those old catacombs below Brindenford, and how to use them in your game.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention: don't forget the forums. They're a great way to interact with other gamers as well as ask me questions or (even better) make suggestions. Your questions and comments on the forums provide most of my fuel for my Listen Check podcast, so if you want more of those, post in the forums!

November 27, 2009

This week, we had another article from Jason about converting Terregaunt's Tower to Pathfinder, and then one from me reminding everyone about some of the neglected site features at There was a bonus encounter about Gardok's House, which really sets the Venom Cult plotlines rolling, and last--but not least--a new installment of the podcast, Listen Check. It's got some previews of what's coming for future levels. Hope you check it all out. 

November 20, 2009

Level 6 continues! This week we had two new blog posts, one from Jason Bulmahn on converting Level 3 for Pathfinder, and another with a little background on the western portion of Level 6. Also there's a bonus encounter involving Relosa, an elven mage that could prove to be a valuable ally to the party.

But the big news is that now you can download a pdf of the all the rooms (or should I say caves) for Level 3! Just click on the store link on the left. As always, yearly members get the download for free, while quarterly and monthly members pay a small fee.

November 14, 2009

This week we completed Khorant and the Unknown Temple, and we started Level 6! Woo! This week's blog entries were Using the Unknown Temple Elsewhere and Wrapping Up Khorant. With the start of Level 6, make sure you don't miss all the new material that goes along with it, like the map of the first half or the random encounters. Level 6 is sizable and comes in two parts (east and west) and it also links up with Brindenford in interesting ways. With the help of my wife Sue, I'm working on making a Level 3 pdf for all the rooms on that level, and it should be available soon. And yes, I know I'm way behind in putting together a new podcast. I'll try to rectify that very soon as well.

Lastly, I'm attempting to put together a special offer for the month of December to enable people to give the gift of More on this later, but as you're planning Christmas gifts for gamer friends, keep this in mind.

November 6, 2009

I'm back from a great trip to Italy. The Lucca Comics and Games show was truly amazing. While I was gone, we had four new blog posts: one that talked about using magic items, another that discussed the Old Ones (a la both Lovecraft and the Unknown Temple found on Khorant), an entry about Khorant and Ptolus, and lastly a bit on one of my very first dungeons. There were also some bonus encounters, a special one entitled The Dream, and another called the Dreaded Messenger, which links directly to the Venom Cult of Level 6.

October 23, 2009

This week I wrote two new blog posts. The first regards the PCs and how they might infiltrate the pirates of Skull Cove (and we got a few comments in the forums about Tom's little trickery with the artwork). The second deals with the sorcerer, Vangell, and the PCs' ability to use him as a source of information for both Khorant and Dragon's Delve. Today I also added the bonus encounter describing Queen's Crafts, an interesting Brindenford location that provides the PCs with another place to purchase goods... and find adventure.

I'm headed off to Italy tomorrow, as I'm going to be the gaming guest at the Lucca Comics and Games show. This is a huge and extremely cool convention and I'm very excited. It does mean, however, that I'm going to be mostly away from the Internet and for almost two weeks. Now, this doesn't mean you won't get all the updates you're used to, but it does mean that I won't be hanging around the forums or able to respond to most emails until I get back. There's some really cool content coming in the next couple of weeks. I'm sure you'll find the Unknown Temple to be fun and Halloween-appropriate.

October 16, 2009

In the last week we've had two new blog entries, The Grahlus and Planar Travel and Yo Ho Ho, which discusses the pirates of Skull Cove. We've still got most of Skull Cove to cover, and then we go to the Unknown Temple, where things get creepy just in time for Halloween. After that, around mid-November, we'll be back in the dungeon.

October 9, 2009

Over the past two weeks I posted some Dragon's Delve gaming music suggestions, a variant rule for handling wand charges , an article about how your PCs might go back and forth to and from Khorant a number of times, and a lengthy discussion of the grahlus in my blog. You can also find a bonus encounter featuring a new monster (a dragon-spider-thing) and a new location in Brindenford: the Logger's Landing. The tension in Brindenford between the loggers and the elves is something for which I intend to only plant seeds and give hints. I'm leaving it to DMs and players to decide if it's something they want to make into a larger part of the campaing.

Sept 25, 2009

This week I posted From Dungeon to Jungle, discussing the strange island of Khorant, and some new specific recommendations for Reaper figs for encounters on Levels 4 and 5. Also, don't miss the bonus encounter with Piven Golastar, and check out the cool hill-house made by Miniature Building Authority.

Sept 20, 2009

This past week I've posted two new blog posts. One deals with the Holy Sword of Baine Strongbow. (Strongbow is also the name of some hard cider which is pretty good. You should try it. If you're of age, of course.) The other deals with the flavor of Level 5. Which is, obviously, strawberry.

Sept 11, 2009

There's another blog post you don't want to miss. It's about how Level 6 is above Level 5, but is still considered Level 6. Plus, a bonus encounter linking Level 2 and Level 5 together with doppelgangers and a mimic. Fun! Lastly, there's a new adventure hook that will help convince your PCs to go to the island of Khorant.

Sept 9, 2009

I've been behind on updating this page. I'm sorry. While I've been away, there have been four new blog posts: The too-difficult frozen tomb encounter, a post from Jason Bulmahn about the new Pathfinder, the mimic plague, and one dealing with players mapping. There have been two cool new bonus encounters, too. The first deals with some weird undead for Level 5 (or anywhere) and the second with another inn in Brindenford, the Bridgeman, possibly the nicest, most normal place in town. Not everything is a danger or a challenge, you know.

August 21, 2009

Hey, a new podcast! It's about time. Check out Listen Check 5. Also, this week we've had blog entries on adding inscriptions to treasure and using the levels as standalone dungeons

August 19, 2009

Whew. Just got back from GenCon. Great fun, but computer problems kept me from accessing the site while I was there so I couldn't update this page. (Luckily, the magic of lets the site update even when I'm away.) Anyway, other than more encounters in Level 5, I've posted a link to the video of my Designing Dungeons seminar from PaizoCon, and a blog about how to handle the fact Level 5 is really a crossroads. Also, there's a Brindenford bonus detailing the Temple of Belestros.

August 7, 2009

Holy crap, it's August already. In addition to bringing Level 4 to a close and starting Level 5, this week saw two more blog entries: one on how I plan on using ghostly encounters in Dragon's Delve and another with more details on Terregaunt and Azassarah. Last but not least, the Bestial Host shows up yet again!

July 31, 2009

Check out a couple of new blog entries: the Dungeonaday process and some thoughts on the term "old school." There's also a bonus encounter detailing the Mill in Brindenford, which has some secrets that will become important later on...

July 24, 2009

Vote for in the ENnie Awards! This week we've had a couple of blog entries to note. I've recieved quite a few emails in support of my article on messy character sheets, and the article on mean encounters (as well as the rust monster encounter in area 100) has generated some interesting conversations in the forums. Check them out!

July 18, 2009

Now we're well into Level 4 and its extradimensional weirdness. I hope you've all downloaded and built your cubes. In the past two weeks we've had blog entries with some miniatures recommendations for specific encounters, a discussion of tesseracts, a quick look at why there are so many fighters in Brindenford, the announcement of new sponsors to the site, and an update to Jason's Pathfinder blog. And don't forget the newest addition to Brindenford, Aesa's Smithy, as well as a cool encounter with a 4D creature.

July 9, 2009

You can now download a collected pdf of all the Level 1 encounters. Go to the Store to find the download. All members with a yearly subscription can download this pdf for free. Quarterly and monthly members need to pay a small fee. As I've explained previously, this is only to keep things fair to those who are subscribed for a year, so that someone can't come along, subscribe for a month, easily download all the content for free, and then leave.

Let me also reiterate that this feature is only for those members wanting the convenience of a single file with all the encounters. All members can still access the content of the site as normal. Nothing about the website or its content has changed. 

July 5, 2009

Last week, we explored more of Terregaunt's Tower. I posted a blog entry about some upcoming changes that will likely take effect this week and another about using Terregaunt, et al in Ptolus. And don't forget the bonus encounter with the peddler which is no peddler (but even the most suspicious players won't actually figure out what's really going on, at least at first). This upcoming week, we start Level 4!

June 23, 2009

I'm off to the Origins game convention tomorrow and I don't know if I'll get a chance to update this page from there or not. As for what's new, last week of course we had two new blog posts, one from guest blogger Jason Bulmahn converting monsters from Level 2, and the other about whether or not PCs should be able to "shop" for magic items. There was also a cool Brindenford locale with thieves hiding out in a ruined chapel. This week had a blog about handing out interesting magic items. (It's a goal of mine in Dragon's Delve to make certain that characters get lots of strange and fun treasure.) On Thursday, in both the regular encounters and the blog, you'll see a focus on Terregaunt's Tower, a side trek outside of--but important to--the dungeon. There'll also be some fun bonus history material relating to both the tower and Level 4.

Oh, and I hope you didn't miss out on the new episode of the podcast, Listen Check #4.

Lastly, check out the cool maps here created by Donald MacLean. Some are handy as DM references, while others could be handouts.

June 13, 2009

I'm at PaizoCon right now, and as a part of that, I'm handing out cards with special promotional codes. If you got a card, input the code during the sign up process and you'll get a year's membership at only $84. Plus, the first week of your membership is free--you won't be charged until after that, so you'll have that time to check out the site risk free.

This week there's a blog post about some of my plans for future content, and another regarding the tricky issue of taking prisoners in a dungeon delve. Yesterday I also posted a bonus encounter with a goblin that is much more than he seems and the regular goblins that follow him.

Lastly, I hope some of you took advantage of the Dwarven Forge special offer this week. Check out the Announcements forum for the Malhavoc Press special offer that continues through the rest of this month. And look for more special offers in the future, for members only!

June 5, 2009

And now there's a new bonus encounter expanding Brindenford a bit more in the form of Master Sage Felstor Knoveli and an accompanying blog post about using sages (an often overlooked resource in many games). Don't forget about the Malhavoc Press special offer, and yet another one that will come next week from Dwarven Forge--but it will be available only for a week--so jump on it quick.

June 3, 2009

Level 3 is going along swimmingly, and on Monday I posted a blog entitled Rebranding Monsters. What I really want to tell you about today, however, are some exciting new announcements. Check out the Announcements forum on the messageboards for some cool announcements about a big new upcoming feature to the site (requested by many members) and a special offer for all members for Malhavoc Press pdf products in the month of June.
Lastly, keep your eyes open for an additional special discount for members on Dwarven Forge products next week. 

May 29, 2009

This week's blogs included another two-part series, this time on real-world caves. I also updated the Adventure Hooks page with a new  hook to help get your PCs down into the dungeon. Don't forget about the Adventure Hooks page, as well as the Rumors page, to help spice up the adventure and keep things interesting.

May 22, 2009

In addition to this week's rooms (we're on Level 3 now!), there's a two-part blog entry about my relationship with the rules, the aforementioned Brindenford map, and a cool bonus encounter with a rival adventuring group. The adventuring group was created by randomly chosen charter members!

May 20, 2009

There's now a map of Brindenford! Check it out.

May 15, 2009

The first of this week's blog articles is the second of Pathfinder RPG designer Jason Bulmahn's conversion notes for some of the characters and monsters of Level 1. The second, Putting the Doppel in Doppelgangers, deals with using those monsters in general, as well as discussing some specific doppelganger encounters on Level 2. There's also a bonus encounter this week, The Gathering Hall, detailing some of the authority figures in nearby Brindenford.

May 6, 2009

This is the first entry in this list. This week's blog articles are up, Below Ptolus and Careful with that Axe, Eugene. The Level 3 map is up for you to preview, even though we're still in the thick of things on Level 2. And lastly, I added a new entry in both the Hooks and the Secrets and Rumors files. (If you have forgotten about these files, give them another look-see. They and the rest of the Dragon's Delve Resources will really help in bringing this dungeon adventure alive.)