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Terregaunt's Tower

TowerMore than four miles southwest of Brindenford stands an old tower. This is a fairly massive structure as free-standing towers go. Even after the top floor partially collapsed the tower still stands 120 feet high. At its base, the tower stretches more than 80 feet across. Strange greenish-silver vertical rods seem built into its structure, but they seem too thin to provide any actual support.

Background: Built by an adventurer that served the powerful and infamous warlord, Lord Saral, as a henchman, the tower is over 500 years old. Its builders wove magic into its structure, however, and thus it remains in excellent condition. Only the damage to its rooftop betrays its age.

Terregaunt, a skilled fighter in his own right, spared little expense in the tower's construction, and after the success he enjoyed at his master's side, the retired adventurer had vast wealth to spend. He lived only a few short years in his completed home before Azassarah, the Red Saint, led a vengeful army into the region to attack Lord Saral and his own amassed forces. Because of his past association with Saral, the Red Saint went after Terregaunt as well and laid siege to the tower. Aided by conjured griffons and giant eagles, the Red Saint's followers broke into the tower through the roof, lead by a half-celestial named Uoto. Eventually, Terregaunt himself was captured and imprisoned by the Red Saint. For a short time, the Red Saint himself took up residence in the tower.

For more information, read The Song of Azassarah.

Very recently, a blackguard named Jarla Vreech claimed the tower for herself, probably drawn by the lingering Abysmal Effect. She uses it as her home and a place for her friend, Barzonyn DuMair, a necromancer, to practice her dire work.

Nearby the Tower: The tower stands upon a tree-covered precipice at the edge of the gentle hill known as Bryson's Look. No paths lead to it, and no farms or homes lie nearby.

The existence of the tower is no secret to the people in the surrounding area. They've lived in its shadow their entire lives. Unlike the ruins of Chordille Keep, however, the abandoned tower has always remained quiet until fairly recently.

Details of the Tower: Exterior walls are 5 feet thick. Interior walls are 5 inches thick. All doors are iron, but are unlocked unless otherwise mentioned. Ceilings are 20 feet high except on the top two levels where they are 15 feet high. The interior staircases are extremely steep with very low ceilings and (intentionally) difficult to ascend or descend quickly. Speeds are halved going down and one-quarter normal going up.

Encounters on the Way to the Tower (EL 3): DMs wishing to do so can place any (or all) of the following encounters between Brindenford or Dragon's Delve and Terregaunt's Tower:

1. An ettercap has set up a trap using its web. Unwary PCs (Spot check DC 20; Perception check DC 20 for Pathfinder) will walk right into a fine sheet of webbing, entangling them and anchoring them in place. Then it attacks. It then attacks from a high tree branch, launching net-like webs from above on any not entangled, so that it can descend and feed on prey safely.

Ettercap: hp 30 (use these ettercap stats for Pathfinder)

2. A centaur named Bruenica makes her way through the wilderness, hunting. She isn't automatically hostile to the PCs, but they'll have to use Diplomacy or Bluff to improve her Unfriendly attitude (DC 25 to make her Friendly) if they want to get any information from her. She knows the area well and can tell them with certainty that someone has very recently taken up residence in the formerly long-abandoned tower. She won't go there, for fear of the dark sorcery present. Her people say that the place has always been on the verge of great evil, and now it stands on a precipice, ready to be pushed over the edge. She can't explain any further.

If attacked, she defends herself with her longbow, using a run-and-shoot tactic.

Bruenica, centaur: hp 26 (use these centaur stats for Pathfinder)

3. Close to the tower, a shadow spy working for the necromancer, Barzonyn, spies on the PCs as they approach. It keeps to the shade of the thick foliage and darts from natural shadow to natural shadow. It doesn't attack immediately, but if PCs spot it, it will attack them--assuming it doesn't have to come out into direct daylight to do so. 

Shadow: hp 20 (use these shadow stats for Pathfinder)

Make sure you read Using Terregaunt's Tower.

Art by Tyler Walpole

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