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Level 4

The Prison of the Red Saint

HypercubeLevel 4 of Dragon's Delve was created by the infamous Red Saint to house prisoners after his host defeated Lord Saral and his forces. You can read more about that in the History document, or in The Song of Azassarah. The prison is guarded by various constructs and magical wards, although in the intervening years, intruders have intruded, and now the level has other inhabitants as well, various time-lost wanderers and squatters. These newcomers have also altered things in ways that the Red Priest could not have predicted. 

The prison is built within/around a tesseract, or a four-dimensional cube. That is to say, it is a "cube" with eight faces. Read more about this idea here.

Each of the eight tesseract faces has a name. These names are: Chron, Pha, Re, Kul, Tor, Es, Que, and La. The eight discrete sections match up with one another on the map in the locations of the letters labeled outside the map. So while area 100 connects with area 103 (which is obvious from the map), area 105 connects directly to area 106 via the connections marked "E." Area 96 is split over two different faces, connected at the points marked "I."

Each of the eight sections is basically a cube itself, 120 feet to a side. The rooms and passages are built at the "bottom" of each of these cubes.

One way to think about it is that if you printed out the map of Level 4, you could cut it apart and assemble a three-dimensional cube using all of the faces other than Chron or La. You can imagine PCs walking down a passage on one face and moving onto another face. Now think of each face of that cube as itself a cube. Once you've done that, think of Chron as being the space "inside" that cube and La as being the space outside the cube.

A few other things to keep in mind:

  • When PCs move from one of the eight faces to another, there is a feeling of transition. They feel a bit queasy and disoriented, but just for a moment. (What's happening is that relative "up" and "down" are changing for them, but that won't be readily apparent.)
  • There are no directions--no north or south. Up and down exist but only relative to the room in which the PCs currently stand.
  • The Prison of the Red Saint is just that--a prison. Once the PCs arrive in area 90, they won't be able to leave this level until they figure out how to use the magical names associated with each of the tesseract faces and how to get to area 110.

Mastering the Prison

The names of the tesseract faces, when placed in the proper order, are Chron-Pha-Re-Kul-Tor-Es-Que-La. This then, becomes the Celestial word for "imprisonment," Chronpharekul-toresquela. Pronounced "kron-fah-ray-cool tor-es-kway-lah." Put in reverse order, La-Que-Es-Tor- Kul-Re-Pha-Chron, or Laqueestorkul-rephachron, becomes Celestial for "freedom." Pronounced Lah-qwee-stork-ool rayf-ah-kron. Obviously, knowledge of Celestial gives this information, but a DM might also allow a Knowledge (religion) check (DC 20) to figure that out as well.

But this knowledge alone is not enough. Within each of the eight faces, at least one PC must find the magical circle that will inscribe the name on their flesh. When all of the names are present, that PC can conjure the staircase that leads out of the prison in area 90 back up to Level 2. If they also have one of the saint's scepters, they can conjure the staircase that provides exit in area 110, granting access to Level 5.

Other Details

Time does not pass normally in the confines of the tesseract. Characters that exit Level 4 will find that only mere moments have passed in the outside world since they left. Characters in the Prison of the Red Saint do not need to sleep or eat. Resting on Level 4 works normally, and it is possible to eat or sleep--it's simply not required. Flames do not consume fuel here although other expendable resources (prepared spells, wand charges, etc.) are all used normally.

Unless the text states otherwise, the level's floors, walls, and ceilings are made of masonry stone. Getting past the stone of the walls or floors reveals a stone-like material  that is solid and "fills" each 120 foot cube. Ceilings are 15 feet high. All doors, unless otherwise described, are simple wooden doors, unlocked, 1 inch thick, with a hardness of 5, 10 hp.

There are only 21 rooms in Level 4. Click here to see the map.

There are no random encounters on Level 4.

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