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Level 3

The Witching StoneThe Unseen River

A system of natural caverns comprise most of the third level of Dragon's Delve. A river, flowing down from Level 2, washes through the caves and eventually out of the hillside and into the River Turant on the surface. While underground, this body of water is known as the Unseen River.

Level 3 has no overarching organization, although much of it is dominated by the blind, subterranean fish-men known as vesh. The vesh live their simple lives in these caves and swimming in the Unseen River. The level can also be characterized by two different mystical monuments. Near the center of the level lies the bloodline rock, a mystical stone that holds a special link with those that were born with an innate affinity for magic. The witching stone lies in another part of the level and harbors ill for humans in the name of the dark fey.

Level 3 also has its own entrance/exit so PCs that explore all of its reaches will find a new way to enter and exit from Dragon's Delve through the cave known as Devil's Maw.

Unless the text states otherwise, the level's floors, walls, and ceilings are damp (and slippery) unworked natural stone, mainly limestone caves created by water action. In many caves, the floors--or at least paths across the floors--have been worn smooth by millennia of occupation. Ceilings are generally 20 feet high, but can vary wildly, even in the same cave. What few doors exist are--unless otherwise described--good wooden doors, unlocked, one and a half inch thick, with a hardness of 5, and 15 hp.

There are 27 areas in Level 3. Click here to see the map.

Click here to see the list of Level 3 Random Encounters.

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