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Level 2

VuldrogThe Font of Dreams

The Second Level of the dungeon is dominated by a magical, intelligent fountain called the Font of Dreams. Created by the infamous Mages Four, this fountain's original purpose was to keep the various servitor creatures used by the mages from fighting amongst themselves by giving them instructions in their dreams. With its creators long gone, the fountain now controls a number of monsters through their dreams, and uses them to defend itself. The fountain's power is subtle. For example, while it has convinced many of the inhabitants of Level 2 to defend it, and to not fight amongst themselves, it cannot actually convince most of them to actively work together. The fountain's awareness of events going on around it is limited by what the creatures it controls know, and its ability to give new commands to its thralls is limited by when they sleep (and dream). Thus, it cannot mobilize the entire level against intruders with any kind of speed or efficiency. This is not entirely detrimental to the fountain, as it sometimes benefits when intruders spend time on the dungeon level rather than being slain or repelled immediately. Those spending time on Level 2 often end up forever enslaved by the Font of Dreams.

The dwarves originally created most of the chambers of Level 2, but the Mages Four repurposed them long ago. Many of the residents of the lower levels of Dragon's Delve know to pass through this level quickly or avoid it entirely, and more importantly they know not to drink the water. The exception appears to be a large group of doppelgangers immune to the fountain and interested using this level as a home while they explore deeper levels of the dungeon as well as nearby Brindenford in disguise.

Unless the text states otherwise, the level's floors, walls, and ceilings are made of masonry stone. Ceilings are 20 feet high. All doors, unless otherwise described, are good wooden doors, unlocked, 1 and a half inch thick, with a hardness of 5, and 15 hp.

There are 24 rooms in Level 2. Click here to see the map.

Click here to see the list of Level 2 Random Encounters.

PDF of Level 2: A collected pdf of all the Level 2 encounters is available. Go to the Store to find the download. All members with a yearly subscription can download this pdf for free. Quarterly and monthly members need to pay a small fee. (This is to keep things fair to those who are subscribed for a year, so that someone can't come along, subscribe for a month, easily download all the content for free, and then leave.) This feature is only for those members wanting the convenience of a single file with all the encounters. All members can still access the content of the site as normal.

Art by Tyler Walpole

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