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Dragon's Delve Resources

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Beneath Chordille Keep in the Fallen Duchy lies an ancient and mysterious underground complex known only as Dragon's Delve. This massive subterranean realm includes both natural caverns and man-made labyrinths. The chambers therein range from monster lairs to strange laboratories to dangerously-warded crypts to far stranger places. Dragon's Delve is said to be the secret lair of a diabolical cult, the domain of a powerful demon lord, and ultimately the demesne of a dragon so mighty that few even dare speak its name. This dungeon contains magical portals that lead to all sorts of other adventuring locales as well: a mysterious island, bizarre alternate planes of existence, and more.  

The articles below all deal with Dragon's Delve in general. They relate its history, details of the surrounding region, some rumors, and more. Give the Player's Introduction to the players as they prepare their characters to investigate Dragon's Delve. To get an idea of what the top few levels look like, check out the side view map. To get details of a specific level, use the links on the left. They will take you to level descriptions and give you access to individual room descriptions as well.   

Art by Eric Lofgren

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