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How Does This Site Work?

What is provides content for fantasy roleplaying games. Members of enjoy access to all the content of the site, which includes the following:

  • A major encounter, updated every weekday with game stats for Pathfinder (our original mega-dungeon, Dragon's Delve, has stats for both Pathfinder and 3.5/OGL).
  • The Dungeon Blog where we give peeks behind the curtain of the design process and talk about various things that are on our minds. From time to time, we will invite guest bloggers--luminaries from the gaming industry--to share their thoughts on important subjects of the day.A dungeon adventurer
  • Bonus encounters, occasional entries that feature supplemental information, alternative ways to run encounters, useful NPCs, or other material that wouldn't fit as a daily encounter.
  • The forums, where you can interact directly with the site's designers as well as all the other members.
  • Other updates, such as podcasts, handouts, background material, maps, diagrams, new monsters, magic items, feats, spells, artwork, and much more.

To get a peek at the some of the rooms of the dungeon, click here, and then use the "Next" button to make your way through the first six rooms of Dragon's Delve. They are all available to non-members. Also, be sure to check out the dungeon design assumptions, and some of the first few blog entries. You can also look at the Player's Intro, the room format description and the Dragon's Delve Resources.


Members will have access to the various dungeons and should also be aware that the encounters will cycle--eventually, as new ones are added, older ones will be retired. Retired material will eventually become available in the form of PDF compilations that will be available for purchase by all members (and provided for free to some membership levels). The home page will always display the newest articles, but if you want to look specifically for the newest dungeon room, go to the link for that level on the left. Likewise, you can always check Dungeon Blog, What's New, and so on for the newest entries in those categories.

Some links on the site link to rooms not yet presented on the site. These links lead to error pages until the update that details that room is published.

Many of the documents available on the site, such as the Glossary, the Surrounding Environs, or the Secrets and Rumors, are living documents. They will grow as the dungeon and the campaign grows with new entries and details. Specific details won't change, but they may be elaborated upon.

On that note, all articles are subject to minor change as time passes. If members find something in a certain encounter unclear, for example, I'll rewrite it to clarify. I'll try to keep members updated regarding all of these changes, probably on the forums. 

Art by Eric Lofgren