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Bad Tidings


A number of weeks ago we released a statement talking about the current state of Since that time, we’ve taken a deep look at the in-depth financials of the site, new customer acquisitions, existing customer retention, and the hard costs of running the site (under several different models of operation). Unfortunately, when all the “i”s were dotted and “t”s were crossed, no matter how we looked at it, the business came out on the wrong side of the ledger. 

There’s really no easy way to say this except to come out and say it, is not covering its expenses, and Super Genius Games is not in a position to continue running it under the current conditions. So as of now we’ve removed the ability for new customers to join the site. We are also in the process of disabling the recurring charges that current members automatically incur when their subscription period lapses, so NO ONE should be charged any more money for (If your account is charged, please let us know immediately so we can find the problem and refund you the money.)

However, you will notice that we did NOT say that is immediately out of business. We will not take any more money, but we still have a commitment to you, the faithful subscribers, and we plan to fulfill it as thoroughly as we can. We will do this in a number of ways. 

  1. The website will remain up and running through at least April 2012 -- this should complete the term of most of the annual subscribers.
  2. All current subscribers will be given free copies of the existing Dragon’s Delve PDF level compilations AND copies of subsequent level PDFs as we release them.
  3. All current subscribers will be upgraded to All Genius Pass status and get free downloads of all new Super Genius Games PDF releases through at least April 2012.
  4. Daily content updates will continue through the completion of The Temple of the Black Goat, which is scheduled to conclude in early December 2011. After that, daily updates will cease.
  5. After daily content ceases, we will make an expanded selection of our back stock of Super Genius Games PDF products (those that were released before the start of the All Genius Pass program) available for free download by all members.
  6. In 2012 we will release an exclusive original adventure written by Ed Greenwood, creator of the Forgotten Realms and best-selling author of numerous novels and stories. This will be available for free download by all members.
  7. Later in 2012, we will release The City of Refuge -- an exclusive original city setting, more than 20,000 words, in PDF format, and will be available for free download by all members.

We did not reach this decision lightly. When we took over daily management of in September 2010, it was with thoughts of building it to new heights and creating new daily content for years to come. But given the current state of the site, we really had very few options. The one we chose was, we are certain, the fairest all around.

It’s important to us that we show you, the subscribers of, the greatest possible respect and give you our deepest thanks. We couldn’t have gotten this far without you. And we’re only sorry that we’ll have to part ways so soon. But, hey, there’s still a lot of exciting stuff between now and then ... and from this point on, it’s all free. And no one but you has access to it.

One final point, please take a moment to cancel your subscription through PayPal. We’re in the process of doing this, but it’s time consuming, and PayPal doesn't let us automate the process so your help would be greatly appreciated. To do so, follow these instructions:

  1. Log in to your PayPal account.
  2. Click ‘Profile’ near the top of the page.
  3. Select ‘My money.'
  4. In the ‘My preapproved payments’ section, click ‘Update.'
  5. Select the merchant whose agreement you want to cancel and click ‘Cancel.’
  6. Click 'Cancel Profile’ to confirm your request.

As always, please let us know your thoughts on the forums or through email.

Copyright 2006-2010 Monte J. Cook; Copyright 2010-2011 Super Genius Games